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Туристическое обслуживание предприятий

Ekaterina Trykhan
Head of Corporate Department


Our services:

Corporate services for travel and working trips for employees of your company
Туристическое обслуживание по договору

Take advantage of corporate services under the agreement: visas, air tickets, hotels, transfer and much more for you and your employees. Save time and money by signing a contract.

Business tours - foreign experience in your industry for management
Бизнес туры

Expansion of your business, studying of the best foreign experience, meetings with potential investors, buyers or suppliers in business tours.

MICE tourism for corporate clients
MICE туризм

The concept of MICE is the basics of business tourism, that is, various kinds of motivational, educational and training activities which organized for partners or employees.

Airline tickets for corporate clients

Your business trip will be carried out at a qualified level, the basis for this will be our rich experience in the organizing business trips of different complexity categories.

Visa support for corporate clients
Визовая поддержка

Successful experience in obtaining various types and categories of visas allows us to provide corporate visa support at a high level.

Railway tickets for corporate clients
Ж/Д билеты

Search the dates and comfortable seats in the railway transport sector - a troublesome thing, a lot of time in which a business person already lacks.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

  • 24/7 Service.
  • An anchored manager.
  • Special tariffs for corporate clients - saving up to 40% of the ticket price.
  • Discounts when booking hotels - up to 30% of the price of the rack.
  • Discounts for tourist trips from 5%.
  • Control and optimization of costs for tourist services.
  • Courier delivery of documents.
  • Loyalty program for corporate clients - bonus tickets and valuable gifts.

Our Certificates

Сертифицированный партнер ИАТА
Certificat IATA
Сертификат государственной авиационной службы Украины
Certificat air
Сертифицированный партнер Галилео
Certificat GALILEO
Гарантия выполнения обязательств банка
Bank guarantee
Сертификат использования программного обеспечения Galileo
Certificat GALILEO
Сертификат уполномоченного агентства Джоин Ап
Certificat Join Up

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Corporate travel services from the company “Business Visit” – saving your time

Time is a resource which value is understood by many businessmen and entrepreneurs. People who have everything painted by the minute, and any unexpected failure in this orderly schedule threaten with financial losses.

And if you belong to this category, you probably know that competent and well-coordinated work is important for competent delegation. After all, everyone should do their own thing.

The Business Travel and Tourism Agency “Business Visit” has been operating in the Ukrainian market for over 7 years. Besides, we are the best among corporate travel operators. During this time, we established contacts with many airlines, visa centers, and passport offices.

Therefore, we offer tourist services in a complex and on favorable terms. All items and nuances are prescribed in the contract.

We are ready to assume all the responsibilities for servicing your company in matters relating to the organization of business trips, industrial tourism, business trips, etc.

We guarantee a high level of organization at every stage of your trip or business meeting with foreign partners and saving time. Already more than 245 companies co-operate with us and manage to evaluate the professional approach of the managers of the “Business Visit” agency.

Join and get all the benefits that corporate business tourism implies.

Office BusinessVisit
Company BusinessVisit

What is a contract for corporate services?

The contract for corporate services is an official document prepared by our lawyers. It contains the basic services that the corporation service company provides, the responsibilities of the parties, the settlement procedure, and the validity period.

The list of services includes:

This is a basic benefits package of services, which can be expanded, according to the specialized needs of your company. We approach the needs and wants of our customers on an individual basis.

Corporate tourism
Support of legal entities
Corporate travel

Types of services from a corporate service provider “Business Visit”

Servicing of corporate clients is one of the main services of our corporate travel program. We are not afraid to take responsibility for organizing foreign trips, corporate tours, and business trips. And we guarantee the fulfillment of all contractual terms.

There are different types of business travel. Our managers have experience in organizing each of them.

Organization of business tourism

Organization of business tourism

Business tourism is the right way to develop the company and enter the international level of manufacturing goods or providing services, in the world it is becoming more popular. This is a great opportunity to see for yourself how business is organized in other countries, what development schemes they use and how they reach multimillion-dollar turnovers.

Today the geography of business tourism is diverse, as in each of the countries you can learn new ideas, be inspired to create a new product or find ways to improve the old one. And we can help you with all the nuances – booking airline tickets, hotels, and insurance for you or your team because the organization of business trips is our specification according to our corporate travel programs.

Organization of business trips

Searching for corporate clients, the establishment of a useful business connection, meeting with foreign partners – we organize all business trips at the highest level. We know how important it is not to miss anything so that a major contract does not break because of the wrong time of arrival or the absence of a pre-booked car from the airport to the venue.

Our manager will choose the best route, coordinate all the details, book a hotel room, a transfer, and even a conference room so that no complications prevent you from achieving your goals.

Corporate travel management company

Do you encourage your team members for their excellent work? If one of your regular bonuses for TOP-managers is the opportunity to relax at the expense of the company, then incentive tours are the point that you need on an ongoing basis. Especially if you like to organize group trips for team building or implementation of the activities in this field.

Well-motivated employees work for the result with a vengeance. And corporate tours – a great motivation to work harder. We will help choose the country and the place, with the obtaining of foreign passports and visas, the hotel’s booking and all the necessary rent so that the funds invested in the team turn into multiply increased profits.

Organization of  presentation trips

Organization of presentation trips

International exhibitions are an opportunity to look at competitors personally and to present your company on the world market. At the exhibition, they go not only to see the novelties of the market, but also to learn first about innovative technologies in the industry or to acquire new ideas.

Often at such events, useful acquaintances are established, the “first touch” with a potential partner or client takes place. The number of presentations and their diversity make it possible for almost any type of business to express themselves.

You just need to choose. And we will make sure that you, your team, and samples of your products are delivered to the event on time.

Organization of employees trip

Business trips to the cities of Ukraine or another country are an integral part of the developing business. Check the current situation at the subsidiary, pick up important documentation, meet with staff in person to discuss further development plans for the company – a business trip may differ in the ultimate goal.

However, if the road is not going to the head but one of the managers, the head of the department or specialist, it is important to draw up documents for the bookkeeping and tax correctly.

Our managers will help not only with the complex organization of trips but also with the preparation of a legally correct corporate tour packages of papers for a seconded employee.

Organization of meetings with foreign delegations

Corporate and business travels in Ukraine are enjoying growing popularity among Western companies. Our agricultural capacities, innovations in various fields, opportunities, and potential attract delegations from other countries.

If you are waiting for foreign guests, investors, potential customers, founders, you need to meet them with dignity. And we are ready to help with this. Our manager will rent a car to travel around the city, book rooms suit in the best hotel, prepare a conference room, and help with the organization of sightseeing tours.

Support of legal entities
Business trips in Ukraine
Search for corporate clients

How do we work?

For each company that signed the tourist service agreement, a separate manager is assigned. With this person, you will communicate further. And he will be responsible for the quality of the event and all the items prescribed in the contract.

This manager will solve any question concerning business trips abroad or to the cities of Ukraine, registration of business trips, and the organization of corporate tours & travels.

Why shouldn’t you entrust the organization of business trips to your secretary?

Your employees are undoubtedly professionals in their sphere. However, do they know all the subtleties associated with flights, transfer, booking of hotels and tickets? Nevertheless, one unaccounted factor can cost a trip. What can you lose with this?

The manager for servicing corporate clients is a person who has been working in this field for several years. He knows exactly how and for how long to buy tickets so that you can get to the event in time, where to order a luxury car in another country, which hotel is the most suitable for the location, etc.

You do not want to risk your reputation and money? The remote manager of “Business Visit” will help you plan all business trips and business tours accurately.

Leave an application for corporate services management, and we will contact you for a detailed discussion of the items of the agreement.

Call us: +38 (095) 235-9333 or
by phones in Kyiv +38 (044) 303-9162, in Dnipro +38 (056) 794-0240, in Zaporizhzhia +38 (061) 228-1708.

Dear customer! Filling the request and we will contact you and provide the required service.

189 companies has already taken advantage of the agreement with the Business Visit.
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Туристическое обслуживание предприятий

Ekaterina Trykhan
Head of Corporate Department