Flyradar (Flightradar24) – tracking plane on the airtraffic map online

FlightRadar | History and a short overview

In 2007, the Swedish company Travel Network developed a real-time air tracking system Flightradar24. The radar is working 24 hours per day. The data, received by the system and displayed on the map, which allows you to see a map of aircraft flights in real-time mode.

When you select a plane on the map, the system shows a list of its information which includes:

  • type of aircraft and its photograph;
  • board number and affiliation to the airline;
  • place of departure and landing;
  • height and speed at the moment;
  • geographical position in degrees;
  • the passed away from the airport of departure, etc.

With flight radar tracking system you can find any airplane knowing only its number.

The database is updated every few seconds, and thus easily can clarify the position of the aircraft on the flight maps. The collected data is stored in the system memory for 28 days, allowing you to track not only the current flights but also those planes which have already completed flights.

Such air tracker becomes very popular nowadays. People use it for specific goals – track the flight, or simply, they are interested in watching the trips on the air radar map online.

Flight radar: how it works

Almost all aircraft of the last generation use the method of obtaining flight information by using the ADS-B transponder. It allows you to track the movement of cargo and aircraft passenger in different parts of the globe. However, the system does not follow the planes which are not equipped with this transmitter.

Currently, the 60% of all the aircraft in the world (less than 30% in the US, but more than 70% in Europe) are equipped with this transmitter, but its number is continuously increasing.

What is the coverage area of the Fly Radar system?

Live flight radar map – The Flight radar system uses more than 500 transceiver stations interacting with the ADS-B transponder. They collect information from all airborne sides, equipped with ADS-B transponders, and sent it to the central server of the system. After processing the data, the central server shows the position of these planes on the map in real time.

The aircraft without ADS-B transponders, or aircraft which is located outside the coverage area of the station’s network, are not displayed on the service map. A stations system covers more than 90% of Europe, and coverage also exists in the Americas, Australia, Japan and some other regions of the Earth.

What kind of aircraft are displayed on the flight radar system?

All types of aircraft displayed by the system (with the ADS-B responder) are listed below:

  • All Airbus (Airbus A300 – A380).
  • BAe ATP.
  • BAe Avro RJ70-85-100.
  • The most popular modifications of Boeing (Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787).
  • The newest Embraer E190.
  • Fokker 70 – 100.
  • Gulfstream V, Gulfstream G500 / 550.
  • McDonnell Douglas MD10 – MD11.
  • Sukhoi SuperJet 100.
  • The latest models of the Ilov and Tu (IL-96 and Tu-204).

The aircraft types that are not shown on Flights radar 24 (without ADS-B sensor)

  • An-225 Mriya.
  • ATR-42 – 72.
  • Boeing 707, 717, 727, 737-200, 747-100, 747-200, 747SP.
  • All models of CASA.
  • All models of Bombardier.
  • Dornier 328.
  • Embraer obsolete models.
  • Jetstream 32.
  • Fokker 50.
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-9, MD-8x, MD-9x.
  • Saab 340 – 2000.
  • Presidents’ Airplanes (“Air Force One”).
  • Obsolete airplane models.
  • The vast majority of military aircraft of all countries.

There is also a vast number of exceptions. Some aircraft from various companies or popular private Cessna aircraft are visible on Flyradar, while some Boeing and Airbus, are not visible on the service map because they are not equipped with ADS-B transmitters. The map of planes online is one of the most exciting inventions, which is being improved every day – follow the future.

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