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Hot tours to other countries

Горящие туры из городов Украины

Information for customers

Discount tours to visa-free countries for Ukrainians. Video about all available visa-free countries.

As hot tours significantly save a vacation budget, they require a quick decision about going on vacation. Sometimes, you need to pack your baggage today and tomorrow you’ll enjoy a holiday in Egypt or Turkey, staying in a hotel with the “All inclusive” system. It is great, that you can get these offers with a good discount.

Therefore, you can travel on a hot cruise from Zaporozhye or Kyiv to a visa-free country.

Which countries are visa-free for Ukrainian citizens and which sights are attractive for tourism — find the answers in the video. We hope this video will help you in choosing a country for a holiday trip.

A holiday to fit every taste

Traveling to another country, developing new territories and sports, health improvement — these are all variations of the holiday. Nowadays, there are following types of tourism:

⛴ Cruises ☀ Weekend tours 🏫 Educational tours
🚌 Bus tours 🚁 Extreme tours 🏝 Tours to the islands
👪 Family tours 💒 Wedding tours 🕌 Pilgrimage tours
🏖 Beach tours ✈ Air tours 🗻 Ski tours
🚸 Tours for families with children 🏥 Medical tours 🎒 School tours

Be advised, that this is a rough classification. For those tourists, who often travel, it is known that active leisure is divided into a sport-leisure and extreme one. Health improvement tourism includes visiting recreational areas and treatment in health resorts.
It is up to you to choose the way of spending your own vacation. However, Business Visit Travel Agency cares about the organization of any tour with a high responsibility. We are doing our best not only for an amazing holiday but also try to make the trip safe and comfortable. All tours are organized as quickly and qualitatively as possible, which allows customers to be confident in their rest.

Sport tourism

Переправа через реку
Горнолыжный спорт
Горнолыжный спорт

This travel direction is well-known to those who are not used to sit still. Hiking, excursions to unexplored islands and territories — these can be gained by sports tours. However, do not forget about extreme tourism. People who are keen on climbing mountain ranges, descents from sprawling peaks and diving into the underwater world, must definitely try extreme tours. It will be difficult for a newcomer to adjust to the pace and lifestyle, which professionals face.
The most popular among these travelers are not only tourist countries, but also huge cities-giants. Walking on skyscrapers, carried out in Canada and Chilean jumping of bungee jumpers, are widely known. If to avoid extremes, the Alps ski resorts and diving on the shores of Tunisia and Egypt can greatly satisfy your travel needs. Holiday tours to Africa or other southern countries will also surprise you with bright events and bring a surge of adrenaline.

Health improvement tourism

Оздоровительный пляж
Оздоровительный массаж
Массаж с камнями

This travel direction is popular among the adult population and those who have health problems. There are several areas of health improvement tourism:

  • balneological;
  • mud;
  • climatic.

Depending on the health problem, it would be great to study the geography of a suitable center. For example, among the mud resorts, — Bulgarian and Hungarian are the best ones. These countries are rich in useful substances, which attracts tourists.
First-class service and visible effect — these are the reasons for visiting mineral (balneological) resorts. Among those natural sources which have a good record, are Ukraine tours to domestic sources located in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Ternopil regions.
Climatic recreation zones are created for those who do not have serious treatment indications, but strong desire to recover.

Cognitive and family tourism

Семья на горнолыжном курорте
Семейный отдых
Семейный отдых на пляже

These two travel directions are often closely related. Families with children go on a holiday to those countries, that can offer not only spending boring time in a hotel but also visiting interesting excursions and opportunity to learn something new.
European countries and tourist complexes, which are equipped with everything necessary for parents and small travelers, are highly popular travel tours among tourists nowadays. Daily animation programs and visiting local attractions make cognitive tourism one of the most popular travel destinations.

Video — a variety of outdoor activities

How to prepare for the trip?

Before a trip, as a rule, everything is done in a hurry. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is worth remembering some simple tourist rules. Here is a brief guide for those who are going on a trip:

  1. Study the geography and features of the chosen resort.
  2. Check all documents accuracy.
  3. Take care of the first aid kit.

Our travel agency cooperates with thousands of hotels and car rental companies in all countries of the world. The tourist program module contains all available hot tours, which can be quickly sorted according to your requirements. You can easily purchase a tour by placing an order directly on this page.

In Business Visit Travel Agency you can also purchase (get free in periods of shares) the SIM card for travelers, which allows you to have a mobile connection and save on roaming while being abroad.

You are able to search for an online tour offered by all tour operators in Ukraine, directly on this page. For popular destinations such as Turkey and Egypt, you are able to choose tours online with a flight not only from Kyiv but also from Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Zaporozhye. Choosing a tour in online mode is a significant time saving, as all offers are collected at one place and you can quickly compare them and choose the tour that suits you. For example:

You can choose tour tickets online to such countries:

  • Abkhazia
  • China
  • Morocco
  • Australia
  • Cuba
  • Mexico
  • USA
  • Japan
  • England
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Ukraine
  • Finland
  • Crete
  • Malta

You can order discount tours from well-known tour operators:

  • Join UP
  • TPG
  • News travel
  • TUI Ukraine
  • Coral Travel
  • PEGAS Touristik
  • Anex tour
  • Tez Tour
  • Orbit
  • ALF
  • Accord Tour
  • Siesta
  • OASIS Travel Ukraine
  • GTO Travel

What should you do:

  • Learn all available hot tours, select the date, departure airport and direction.
  • Don’t hesitate and call our managers in Kyiv (044) 303 91 62 and in Zaporozhye (061) 228 17 08.
  • Perhaps you will go on your vacation this evening!

What is a hot tour?

A hot tour is a trip, the price of which is reduced by 5-50% (2-5 days before the day of departure). It is a special offer, the opportunity to have a good rest and save a budget for those, who can quickly prepare for a trip and fly out in one day.

No visa for a vacation

Tourists order hot tours most often to those countries, which are visa-free for Ukrainian citizens, for example, Turkey or Montenegro.

Ukrainian citizens can visit South Sinai, which includes Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab, Ras-Sidr, Sharm el-Sheikh, Sant Catherine, without a visa for up to 15 days-vacation.

When you travel on a hot tour, it is convenient to visit the countries, where the visa is put on arrival — Egypt (except South Sinai), Sri Lanka, Thailand.

Vacation in the countries with Schengen visa

If you have a valid Schengen visa, you can go on a hot tour to one of the Schengen countries, for example, to the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece or to the countries which are allowed to enter with the Schengen visa.
You can visit Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Croatia, having the current Schengen multi visa, which had been used at least once in the Schengen countries.

National visas to Cyprus or the UAE

If you do not have the Schengen visa, you may open the pro-visa to Cyprus in advance. Another popular destination for hot tours is the UAE, but a visa to the United Arab Emirates must be issued well in advance.
In case of urgent visa registration to any country (in Zaporozhye city), our visa department will gladly help you.

What is important for a smooth visit to the host country?

In order not to have problems when entering a foreign country, the validity of your passport must be at least six months after the end of your trip. Our managers who specialize in foreign passports will help you to quickly make a new or second passport.

Is it possible to find in June a hot tour for September?

Unfortunately, it is impossible. The unsold tour becomes a hot deal, 2-5 days before departure. A trip with a departure on September 1 may become hot on August 27-28 and only in case any free tours remain by this date.

Therefore, it is better to search for holiday tours and travel at the beginning and at the end of the season, when the flow of tourists is lower. On New Year, Christmas, March 8, May holidays and summer season — there are no guarantees that a hot offer will appear for the required date.

Is it possible to know how much the price of a tour will decrease when it becomes a hot deal?

The decrease in a tour cost depends on many factors and it is impossible to predict how much the price will decrease.
A tour may be from 5% to 50% cheaper.

A planned or a spontaneous trip?

Do you want to have a planned or a spontaneous trip? It is up to you to decide. If you are planning a long-awaited vacation and you have already determined the dates of your holiday trip, it is better not to wait for the last minute offers.

In this case, our agency will gladly help you to organize a rational vacation by choosing a place for your rest, booking tickets and a hotel in advance. With the advance purchase of tickets, our manager can also find options to save your budget. Same benefits can be gained when traveling on a hot tour.

Call Business Visit in Kyiv (044) 303 91 62, in Dnipro (056) 794 02 40 and in Zaporizhzhia (061) 228 17 08 and our team will help you organize an unforgettable vacation — planned trip or a hot tour!

Business Visit Travel Agency managers will help you find the most suitable and cheap hot offer with a flight from Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Odesa or Kharkiv.

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