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We will provide you with a complex of services:

  • Consultation and assistance in the compilation of documents;
  • All payments;
  • Visiting VRD without waiting in line;
  • Urgent registration of papers;
  • Any type of documents:
    • — foreign passport;
    • — second passport;
    • — minor passport.
international passport It is time-saving to refer to professionals in order to avoid queuing and charges of issuing a foreign passport or child’s travel document.
Our specialists will help Ukrainians from any region of Ukraine to issue a foreign biometric passport for adults and children, a travel passport for a child (no longer issued).

We draw your attention to the fact that you have to come to taking photos to Visa and Registration Department (VRD) personally: for Kyiv and the regions – in Kyiv, for Zaporizhzhia – in Zaporizhzhia, for Dnipro – in Dnipro.

Photographing and personal documents submission take place at a pre-determined time and take 30-40 minutes.

For more passport information, terms and costs, read below or follow the links for your region listed above.

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Payment MethodsPayment Methods
Corporate servicesCorporate services
Reference InformationReference Information

Foreign passport registration price for nonresidents in Kyiv

Document Deadlines* Price, Kyiv*
Biometric Foreign passport from 30 workdays

from 10 workdays
1500 UAH

2500 UAH
The second valid biometric passport from 30 workdays

from 10 workdays
1650 UAH

2750 UAH
Biometric passport for a child from 30 workdays

from 10 workdays
1500 UAH

2500 UAH

*Important! Travel Company “Business Visit” asks all who will issue a passport for drawing attention in the near future.

***Do not redeem tickets and hotels until you get your passport in hand!***

At the moment, there are big delays in obtaining a passport!

The official message from the State Migration Service of Ukraine about delays in the registration and the procedure of getting passports.

*Attention: The prices in the table are indicated with a discount.

The prices in the table are for getting passports by Ukrainians with the registration in Kyiv. Contact our manager to find out a cost of foreign passports issuing for Ukrainians with other registration – +38 (044) 303-9162.

Important: it is essential to come personally to VRD with the documents for taking foreign passport photos. Those who issue documents through our offices, come exactly at the appointed time, without waiting.

Regardless of your registration, passports are issued through the Kyiv VRD.

List of the necessary documents for issuing a foreign passport with a chip:

  • the passport of a citizen of Ukraine (original + 3 copies: 1, 2 pages and pages with residence permit);
  • an old passport (if any) (1 copy of the first page);
  • an identification code (2 copies);
  • a certificate of full name change (if any, 1 copy).

We have made a new travel passport application form, thus you can apply online for a passport through our site. Simply fill in an application with your personal data and managers from “Business Visit” will contact you. It is a great option that helps avoid queues and your time.

A foreign passport for a child is issued from birth; the list of documents for obtaining it:

  • copies of parents’ Ukrainian passports (1,2 and residence permit);
  • a birth certificate of the child;
  • a written by hand passport application from both parents.

Parents come with a child for taking photos, but if there is no opportunity to take a picture of the child, it is allowed to provide an already done photo of 10×15 and 2 photos of 3,5×4,5.

One of the parents can take a passport.

Minor passports for children under 12 years old are issued without fingerprints.

It can be issued with fingerprints from the age of 12 on parents’ permission.

Parents take foreign passports without fingerprints with their Ukrainian passport and birth certificate.

Children, in the presence of their parents, take passports with fingerprints. To obtain the document, parents must provide passports of Ukrainian citizenship and birth certificates.

Children get a foreign passport for 4 years. Previously issued children’s travel passports keep valid until expiration..

From January 1, 2013, the production of foreign passports is carried out according to new rules. Also, according to the new legislation, it is not necessary to be registered in the city to obtain the passport in Kyiv, it is enough just to live in it. Now the place of registration does not matter. A citizen can make a passport in any branch of the SMS of Ukraine.

How to issue a foreign passport in Kyiv?

Based on the above, to apply for the registration of the foreign passport is possible:

  1. At the place of residence, in accordance with the residence permit in the territorial authorities (administrations) of the Ukrainian State Migration Service.
  2. To interregional centers for the passport documents issue (for Ukrainian citizens, regardless of their residence permit and place of residence). There are four such institutions in Ukraine. One center is located in Lviv, one – in Kharkiv, and two – in Kyiv, in Khmelnytskogo Street, 10 (formerly located in Saksaganskogo, 4) and in Bortnichi, in Kharchenko Street, 64.
  3. You can also complete an online passport registration on our site.

Travel agencies that have a license for tour operator activity can more effectively and quickly make a passport in Kyiv. Therefore, to avoid queues and red tape, the easiest way to get a passport in Ukraine still is to apply to the experts.

For the detailed consultation, please contact the Tourism Department in ‘Business Visit’.
Call now from any region of Ukraine by phone in Kyiv +38 (044) 303 91 62.

Answers to the questions on registration of foreign passports:

  • Question: If the Mariupol VRD temporarily does not work, where can I get a foreign passport?
  • Answer: All citizens of Ukraine with a residence permit in Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol and other settlements in Donetska and Luhanska regions can make a foreign passport in Kyiv, and we can assist in it. For photography and documents submission to VRD, you need to come personally.

You can ask your question through the contact form following this link.
Please contact +38 (044) 303 91 62, and you can come to VRD and pass the submission without waiting.

Foreign biometric passports in Ukraine in 2024

As soon as biometric passports started issuing in Ukraine, we informed about the conditions of its receiving (the list of documents, prices, and terms of a passport issue) – proceed to the page by clicking the link above and check out all current passport information. Yes, they are already issuing, you can fill in an online passport application or request for information. The order of entry to Europe with Ukrainian biometric foreign passports has not been changed yet.

Advantages of a foreign passport issuing with “Business Visit”

Experts of the “Business Visit” company provide you with a consultation on how to get a passport quickly for Ukrainian citizens. It can be your first-time passport or a second foreign passport for comfortable traveling and visas issuing.

Please note that any citizen of Ukraine may have two valid passports under the law. For your trips through Ukraine and around the world, you can use any of the passports.

Our experienced team will help you with the issue and collection of all necessary travel docs. We will do everything instead of you! Only advantages:

  • You do not need to run around various bureaucratic instances and collect certificates.
  • Personal presence in VRD is necessary only for photographing (scanning for a foreign passport) – it will take 30-40 minutes of your time.
  • Referring to us, a client receives the passport on time.
  • It is also available to get your passport online.

You can also fill in a passport online application with your personal information on our site and our managers will contact you.

For those who want to go on a trip with children or noticed that the validity of the passport is coming to an end, it is better to contact our manager, who is ready to answer all your questions. Besides the first or the main passport, we will help you to issue:

  • Foreign passport for children.
  • Second passport.
  • Passport for a sailor.
  • Criminal record certificate (if necessary separately).

Passport neweral service has the same steps as the travel passport receiving issue. We can also help you in such situation.

General conditions for getting a foreign passport in Ukraine

How to apply for a foreign passport and find out the cost and list of necessary documents you can read in the following paragraphs.

For a foreign passport issue in 2024 the following documents are needed:

  1. The Ukrainian civil passport with a residence permit there.
  2. A birth certificate for a child under the age of 14 years.
  3. An identification code.
  4. Those, who have changed surnames have to have a marriage certificate — the Ukrainian passport and a code in a new surname. If the marriage has already been terminated officially – a divorce certificate.
  5. Another passport if available.

To get a passport for a child, the following documents are required:

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Parents Ukrainian passports.
  3. Photo 3.5 × 4.5 cm – matte, 4 pcs.
  4. Notarized permission from both parents.
  5. For 14 year old child – the Ukrainian passport (ID card).

VRD employees and we take into consideration the following moments while accepting documents for the issue of the above documents:

  • Presence of a clear seal imprint.
  • Are the photos pasted at 25, 45 years in a civil passport?
  • A correct full name spelling in the passport writing and the certificate of an identification code.
  • Data on the registration.
  • Previous surname if it has been altered over the past 5 years.
  • For persons under the age of 18 — notarized permission from parents, as well as a child’s birth certificate.
  • Other required information.

A passport cost

A passport and documents issuing cost is different for various regions of Ukraine. Therefore, please contact our managers to clarify the information on a passport issue in Zaporozhye or in Kyiv.

If you need more detailed consultation, please contact our managers by e-mail or by phone. Also, you can find more information in the help section and on other pages of our site.

Call now: Kyiv – (044) 303 91 62, Zaporizhzhia – (061) 228 17 08, Dnipro – +38 (056) 794 02 40.

A foreign passport is a pass to the fascinating world of travel. For the planning of a trip abroad, check the prices for air or railway tickets online, use the hotel booking form or choose an offer on our last minute tours page.

We wish you successful trips!

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